If you were injured at work and have any questions regarding the Workers Compensation system call MONTOYA LAW and let us answer your questions, doubts or inquiries free of charge.  All initial consultations are free.  Workers Compensation insurance companies have trained professionals handling Workers Compensation claims.  You should too.  
If you are injured at work your employer will setup a medical consultation with an industrial clinic.  Industrial clinics only look after for the employer.  At MONTOYA LAW we will set you up with a medical facility with a history of helping injured workers. Medical reports are extremely important in Workers Compensation claims since they can make or break your case.   It is of the essence that you get favorable medical attention since the get go.  
Injured workers who have suffered a permanent disability due to job duties and the employer is unable to accommodate restrictions are eligible for vocational rehabilitation benefits.   
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In addition, if date of injury is post 2013 you may be eligible for $5,000 due to the return to work supplemental program with the Workers Compensation state system.  
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MONTOYA LAW helps in all your WC benefits. 




Performing continuous movement and activity can lead to injury.  It is very common for employees to have increased pain due to job duties. It is known as a continuous trauma. This is a legitimate job injury caused by your everyday job obligations. If when you get home you are in pain you very likely have a work related injury and are entitled to Workers Compensation benefits. Call MONTOYA LAW immediately for a free consultation. 
Employers many times expose employees to chemicals that can be damaging to our healths.  If you have been exposed at work to chemicals and suffer from respiratory illness, cancer, lung disease, severe headaches, memory loss and/or any other type of illness you may have a workers compensation claim. Call us to evaluate your claim and set you up with medical attention to determine if your illness is industrially cause.  You may be entitled to medical attention and compensation.  
All workers compensation attorney work on a contingency fee. Which means that the client does NOT PAY ANY UPFRONT COST and attorney gets paid a 15% from the settlement amount of claim. Although % is the same the outcome differs greatly.  At MONTOYA LAW we maximize on that 15% meaning that we fight for every benefit our client is entitled too.  With intelligent, aggressive, effective representation we develop our claims to protect every right our client has.  MONTOYA LAW promises to each client upon representation that we will never stop fighting for what you deserve. 


After suffering a personal injury you are left with not only the pain but with numerous questions: Who will pay for my property damage?  Who is paying for the medical bills? How am I going to support my family?  What about my lost wages?  
All this concerns hinder you from fully concentrating in your recovery.  Let MONTOYA LAW alleviate your worries and hold the people responsible for your personal injury.
Motorvehicle Accidents. An auto accident happens approximately every 10 seconds in the United States.  Most auto accidents are caused due to the negligence of one of the parties involved.  If you are injured a vehicle accident you know have the burden of not only dealing with your injury but also damage to your property, loss of wages, medical bills, medical attention, loss of time with your family, pain and suffering.  At MONTOYA LAW we will make sure that you are compensated for all the damages you incurred by the negligent party. We understand that this was a traumatic event and will make sure you can have peace of mind to recover and return to your everyday activities. 
Product Liability.  As consumers we expect that the product we purchased is free of defects and dangers.  Unfortunately that is not always the case.  Products can be defective and cause injury and even death.  At MONTOYA LAW we make sure that the responsible party is held responsible. Responsible parties may include a product’s manufacturer, designer, retailer, or wholesaler. Regardless of negligence, all parties involved with the production and distribution of a defective product may be held liable for any resulting injuries. 
If you have been injured or a loved one killed by a defective product call MONTOYA LAW for a free consultation to answer your questions and analyze your case. 

Premises Liability. Premises liability refers to a landowner’s liability for injuries caused by property defects, hazardous conditions, inadequate security and/or unsafe premises. Property owners and businesses alike have a duty to provide a safe environment for their visitors. When they fail to do so, and an individual is injured on the property owned or maintained by someone else, then the landowner or business may be held legally responsible for the visitor’s injuries, including the injured person’s medical expenses, pain & suffering, and lost wages.
Examples include: Slip & fall, dog bites, criminal activity due to inadequate security, injury by negligent actions of another.  
MONTOYA LAW experience knows how to handle this claims. 


    If you work over 40 hours and under 60 a week your employer has to pay you X1.5 your hourly wage. If you work over 60 hours you are entitled to X2 of your hourly wage. If employer fails to pay you have a cause of action against him.
    Your employer should provide a safe, comfortable, prosperous work environment. If your boss is harassing, intimidating and making you feel uncomfortable he is hindering you from growing professionally. Due to such you might have a cause of action against him.
    If you are discriminated at work due to religion, gender, sexual preference, age,pregnancy, disability you have a cause of action. At MONTOYA LAW we closely monitor your workers' compensation claim so that employer does not discriminate against you due to your disability.
    CA is an employment at will. This means they can terminate you for any reason unless it was due to: race, gender, whistle blowing, denial to break law, medical condition, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, retaliation, pregnancy, denial of family and or medical leave.